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Meet A Resident: Katie

Posted by Williams Johnson Mota on April 1, 2019
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Each month, we present a profile of one of our residents. The idea is to get behind the scene and give you a glimpse of our special Hive community and their lifestyles. By doing so, we hope outsiders to gain a better understanding about how our Hives and more broadly co-living works. So curious to learn more about our “Hivers”? Meet Katie from the Hive UK community.

Meet  Katie from the Hive UK community.

1. Hi Katie, we would love to know a bit more about your background and what makes you tick?

Hello all!

I am Katie, I am 29 years old, born and raised in lovely Bicester in Oxfordshire (UK). I have lived and studied in this area my whole life. I am a qualified adult nurse, socialiser enthusiast and organiser (much to my housemates’ detriment prior to their 8AM coffee run). I have a huge passion for creating a positive, outgoing atmosphere and I enjoy bringing this out in the people around me, regardless of their age. I have been known to be waltzing around my 80-year-old patient’s living room! Instilled in me is a strong value for caring which often translate in cooking and baking for people around me (keeping up the pretence to my community manager that this is ‘healthy cooking’ merely by owning all the Joe Wicks books and displaying them on the kitchen side and always wearing active wear J); I have roped my housemates into weekly bake-off night. My interests also include ballroom and latin dancing. I take part each year in a competition to raise money for local charities and have recently completed two half marathons. I am always up for a new challenge and dragging everyone around me along for the journey!


2. Before joining us, had you lived in a shared- living space before and what made you choose co-living in our hives as your home?

Before joining B-Hive Living I lived with my sister, Emily who also now lives in the same Hive as me. During my very first viewing of the Hive, following viewings of several other shared living properties around Bicester, I knew this was the place I wanted to live! The modern interior and private but shared living meant that I could have my own space as well as socialise and make new connections and friends. The technological advantages and allocated spaces in communal areas meant I could have security and ease!


3. How would you describe co-living as opposed to other types of accommodation you have experienced?

Co- living has meant that I can share my home with individuals around the same age as me; as well as other professionals with a real wide variety of experience, knowledge and skills! Co- living is much more than sharing a house. We have created our own little family but we also can enjoy our own private rooms and have visitors etc.


4.What is your favourite part of your Hive home and why?

My favourite part of the Hive is the kitchen area; you can always guarantee a cooking buddy, someone to have a cup of tea with and share your day; in my case mostly assessing what everyone else is having for dinner and ‘trying’ their food. Each week one-person cooks, this started off as a nice idea to get everyone together once a week and to test out our Mary Berry recipes whilst Bake Off was on; this has now turned into a ritual and the competitive pressure is on each week! Someone even took half a day off work (no names mentioned) to impress with their culinary skills! Much to my waistlines detriment there is always a reason to have a cake or some delicious treats from overseas- definitely my favourite place in the Hive.


5. In your Hive space are you more…

Coffee or tea?

Both! Coffee in the AM

Quiet House mate or social animal?

100% social

More at your room or common area?

Bit of both!


6. How would you describe your ‘Hivemates’ and what difference have they made to your life?

Lifelong friends! As reigning beer pong champions my Hive housemates have been supportive, fun and hilarious! I have experienced so much from living here. I’ve been taught how to play guitar and we are planning the next best band in Bicester (sceptical on the vocalist though). I’ve been able to learn parts of Polish and Greek culture (including food, and some words!), we have celebrated birthdays, occupied dancefloors, created a quiz team, and became the best cooks ever! We also plan to visit Athens this year (where one of the Hive residents is from), so this has opened up different opportunities to me, all alongside living in my pyjamas and never being judged!


7. What’s the most unexpected thing you have found about yourself living in a Hive?

I have realised that you can learn so much from connecting with others with different backgrounds, experience and skills. I have also learnt that I am a technophobe. But thanks to my house mates this has improved!


8. Would you recommend B Hive Living to a friend?

I would recommend B- Hive Living to a friend, I have felt a real sense of heart-warming community and I have had a positive experience due to the people I have lived with. There is a great social benefit to be gained from this way of living. The Hive Team would always strive to resolve issues- even taking climbing lessons!

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