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Meet a Resident Series: Gina

Posted by Silvia Grattieri on November 20, 2019
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Each month, we present a profile of one of our residents. The idea is to get behind the scene and give you a glimpse of our special Hive community and their lifestyles. By doing so, we hope outsiders to gain a better understanding about how our Hives and more broadly co-living works. So curious to learn more about our “Hivers”?  Meet Gina from the Hive UK community.

Meet Gina from the Hive UK community

01. Hi Gina, We would love to know a bit more about your background and what makes you tick? (i.e. nationality, passion, hobbies, etc)

Hello! My name is Gina and I come from Taiwan, a small island in Pacific Ocean, near China and Japan. We are famous of our juicy fruits and wonderful iconic Taiwanese food. Born in a country with lots of great food, I’m not doubt a food lover. Beyond great food the other thing I can’t live without is Music. I listen to different kind of music: pop, R&B, hip hop, EDM, jazz. One of the reasons why I decided to move to the UK is the ability to easily fly to big music festival events such “Tomorrowland” in Belgium and Ibiza. I love exercise, too (so that I can be ready for my next meal!) Since I moved to the UK I tried so many new different activities like: spinning, CrossFit, Barry’s bootcamp, F45 and weight lifting. To me, the world is like a big amusement park waiting to be explored. That’s why life gets interesting, funny and sometimes scary! You never know what will happen next. Maybe I will find myself learning Greek and living in a Greek island for a month soon!

02. Before joining us, had you lived in a shared-living space before and what made you choose co-living/ our Hives as your home?

In the past I lived in a shared space with other three girls, but we didn’t have many common areas to share. And due to different working time, we hardly saw each other every day. The reason why I chose co-living is the chance to know people from different country and learn different cultures. Even the food!

03. How would you describe co-living as opposed to other types of accommodation you previously experienced?

Co-living is much more fun and you can build more connections. What makes co-living great is not just the space but the people and the social connections you can build with them. It’s what you can call social capital!

04. What is favourite part of your Hive home and why?

No doubt on that : my brilliant housemates. They are the nicest people I met since I moved to the UK.

05. In your Hive space you are more…

  • Coffee or Tea?  Neither, Wine or Hot Chocolate
  • Quiet housemate or social animal? I should be a social animal but I am still working on my English
  • More at your room or a particular common area? More at my room or cooking in the kitchen.

06. How would describe your “Hivemates” and what difference they made to your life?

They are AWESOME. I have the chance to share their cultures, their different professional backgrounds and experiences and I hope in one year they will make a big difference on my English accent and make it even more British.

07. What’s the most unexpected thing you found about yourself or co-living being in a Hive?

In my Hive we have weekly dinners with all the Residents on each Tuesday. I never thought I could cook for more than a few people but I’m very glad that I made it and they all enjoyed some Taiwanese food such as braised pork rice, stinky tofu, beef noodles and oyster omelette.

08. Would you recommend B-Hive Living to a friend? Why?

Yes, for sure. If you would like to meet people from other countries and live in a vibrant international English-speaking community- the Hives are really the best place to stay. You have flexibility in your contract, all bills inclusive and a truly great community that will enrich your experience.

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