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We put together this FAQ to help you better understand how our Hives work.

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About the concept

Coliving or “community living” is a new take on an old idea. What’s new is that, unlike in the past, individuals are being drawn together by lifestyle choices and not so much by religious affiliations or other considerations.
Coliving is a way of living focused on a genuine sense of community, using shared spaces, communal facilities and services to create a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle.
It has been inspired by the sharing-economy and a millennial generation that values experiences over ownership and its always on the move.

Renting is no longer seen as a stepping-stone to ownership. Increasingly, many people view renting as a lifestyle choice that allows for a more flexible, convenient and social way of living.
Rather than being only for urban millennials, renters choosing shared-living are an increasingly diverse bunch. They range from young professionals, digital nomads and expats to students, retirees and even families looking for a new lifestyle informed by ease of living, community, safety and cost-effectiveness.
So whatever your reason, there may be something in coliving for you.

Here are four key reasons why people are switching to coliving as a life-style choice.

Value for Money
Many people nowadays are struggling to afford a house in major urban centres. And, it’s not simply the rent that is an obstacle – large deposit expectations, inflexible commercial contracts and absent landlords of traditional buy-to-let models are also real challenges.

In our Hive Homes, people pay an all-inclusive rental package, including all utilities, housekeeping and maintenance, making shared-living a very cost effective, convenient and flexible solution.

Ease of Living
For urban professionals who typically move jobs (and homes) every 20 months or so, having to deal with furnishing, kitchen appliances and utility contracts when relocating can be a real hassle.

Our Hive Homes work on a plug-and-play model. Everything is provided like living in a classy hotel. Technology is used to increase service efficiency; saving you the hassle of dealing with everyday household chores and letting you focus on the more important things in life.

Sense of Community
While most youngsters tend to be hungry for the freedom to explore new horizons and possibilities, the journey can often get lonely. Studies suggest that more than 40 percent of millennials suffer from chronic loneliness. That’s why they cherish being part of like-minded communities.

Our Hives offer the perfect antidote. Living in a community of like-minded individuals – bonding over breakfast and gaming evenings – makes it easier to have meaningful face-to-face conversations in an increasingly virtual world. Not surprisingly, community living is a trendy on the up.

Of the rental options, coliving spaces are surely the safer and more convenient choice for individuals in a new city. The community element ensures easy access to a whole of host of inside knowledge about the location which otherwise could take months to grasp. They also tend to be more organised and transparent when comes to security.

In our Hives, keys are a thing of the past; residents are provided with electronic access cards, fobs and can even open doors using their phones. Background verification and screening process of the staff, residents and contractors are also common practices.

They are fully equipped homes and buildings specifically designed for sharing with a distinctive aesthetic, vibe and lots of amenities for ensuring an easy and flexible lifestyle.
They are all composed of beautiful fully furnished private rooms or studios and a range of uniquely designed common spaces to promote connection, wellbeing and fun.

Hive residents are a pretty eclectic bunch of individuals coming from all walks of life and corners of the globe. They are usually open-minded professionals and entrepreneurs aged 24-36 years old who share a lust for living a happy, creative and positive life.
Everyone is welcome and no person is discriminated against because of race, colour, age, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation or gender.

About living with us

Beyond living & connecting with international community of open-minded professionals, our rental packages include:

  • All-inclusive bills
  • No security deposit
  • Beautiful fully furnished en-suite rooms and studios
  • Reliable Wi-Fi with independent support delivery
  • null
    Stylish and spacious communal areas
  • null
    Weekly cleaning of communal areas
  • Friendly and responsive team
  • Bike storage (location dependent)
  • Relaxing outdoor space
  • Off street parking (location dependent)
  • On demand app for maintenance request

We aim to make our entry fees as accessible as possible. To book a room, there is an admin fee of £50 and no deposit. Yes, you heard right, there is no deposit! The only other fee is the equivalent to one-week rent paid to Reposit – a company that covers landlords for any damage to the property.Tenants will remain liable to pay any damages, cleaning, arrears at the end of the tenancy.

Rent can easily be paid automatically each month via direct debit on the 1st of the month. This will all be set up when you sign the lease. Ultimately, we want to make living in your Hive Home as easy as possible for you. If you move in halfway through the month, you’ll only pay for those days rather than the whole month.

No. Being environmentally responsible is important for our community and us.
Therefore B-Hive Living works with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) to ensure that that energy and water usage is not excessive and kept within reasonable and sensible limits.

Yes. However, Hive Homes are designed to be an exclusive safe community so If you have friends or family over, you need to make sure they are aware of our guest policies that have been put in place for the comfort and safety of all residents.

We have a maintenance team who will always try to sort out any issues as soon as they are reported. In some instances, we do have to prioritise repairs depending on their urgency; however, we aim to get all issues solved within 48 hours unless they require specialist advice or parts.

While this is location dependent, the vast majority of our homes provide abundant onsite parking. There is no additional charge for this facility and parking is provided on a first come first served basis.

Our beds are all double beds, which means either 4’6” x 6’3” (135 x 190 cm) or 4′ x 6’3” (120 x 190 cm). They also come with storage as standard.

No. Hive Homes are designed for single use of the room or studio.

We provide both washing machine and tumble dryers for free for your convenience.

No. Hive Homes are a non- smoking designated properties.

We are animal lovers, but we are unable to cater for pets.

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