Moving to Oxford? 10 things you should know

Aug 9, 2023

Are you considering moving to Oxford? Famous for its prestigious university and rich history, Oxford offers a unique blend of academia, culture, and picturesque landscapes. Before you pack your bags and head to this historic city, here are 10 things you should know before moving to Oxford:

Academic Haven

Oxford is renowned for its world-class university, which has been educating students for centuries. The city’s academic atmosphere is palpable, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a vibrant intellectual community. 

Cycling Paradise

Oxford is a cycling-friendly city with numerous bike lanes and paths. Many residents opt for bicycles, offering a convenient and eco-friendly way to explore the city. 

Historical Gem

The city’s history is woven into its architecture, cobbled streets, and landmarks. You’ll find yourself surrounded by stunning medieval and Gothic buildings, making every stroll feel like a step back in time. 

Diverse Culinary Scene

Oxford’s dining scene is as diverse as its population. From traditional pubs serving hearty British fare to international restaurants offering flavours from around the world, you’ll never run out of dining options.  


Oxford’s housing landscape can be demanding on the wallet, with only London ranking higher in cost. Here’s where B-Hive Living comes into play. We offer short and long-term leases in stunning houses with all your housing costs included in one simple monthly bill. And more, you’ll have access to many unbeatable perks like access to regular events, exclusive discounts with local retailers and the safety of an internationally vetted community. 

As a visionary in crafting shared living environments, B-Hive Living isn’t just about accommodation; it’s about creating homes that elevate holistic health and wellbeing. Our mission aligns with challenging conventional living spaces, fostering connections, and nurturing residents’ wellbeing, all while harmonising with Oxford’s vibrancy. 

Quaint Bookstore

Book lovers, rejoice! In Oxford, the city boasts a collection of independent bookstores that are a bibliophile’s dream. These quaint shops offer a wide range of titles and a cosy atmosphere that’s perfect for getting lost in the world of words.

The Radcliffe Camera

One of Oxford’s most iconic buildings, the Radcliffe Camera, is a must-visit. This circular library with its stunning architecture is a symbol of the city’s commitment to learning and exploration. 

Green Spaces Abound

Oxford offers an abundance of green spaces and parks. If you’re looking for a peaceful place to read or a spot for a leisurely picnic, you’ll find plenty of options to connect with nature.

Weather Variability

The weather in Oxford can be unpredictable. Therefore, be prepared for rain even during the summer months, and make sure to carry an umbrella and layers to stay comfortable in the ever-changing climate.

Cultural Events Galore

From Shakespearean performances at the Oxford Playhouse to art exhibitions at the Ashmolean Museum, the city is a hub of cultural events. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in theatre, music, art, and literature. 

Embark on your Oxford journey with these insights in mind, and consider how B-Hive Living’s innovative approach seamlessly intertwines with the city’s cultural, historical, and lifestyle facets. By embracing shared living environments that prioritise holistic health and wellbeing, you won’t just be moving to Oxford; you’ll thrive within its heart. Just remember to plan your budget wisely, keep your umbrella handy, and prepare to be charmed by this enchanting city at every turn.

B-Hive Living

B-Hive Living is a wellness-focused coliving brand operating properties in Oxford and Bicester, UK, and now expanding internationally. We drive social change by exploring and promoting the concept of living well. We place it at the heart of our coliving design for a more connected, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle for our residents.