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Why We Are Here

We are here to empower professionals to lead a more connected, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle

We challenge convention by building shared living spaces especially for the rental market that residents love to live in.

Today many view renting as a lifestyle choice that allows for a more flexible, convenient and social way of living.

Yet, renters often find that their expectations do not match the rental experience they deserve. Common problems include:

  • Hidden costs
  • Absent landlords
  • Tiny spaces with big prices
  • Fuzzy and inflexible contracts
  • Buildings unfit for sharing
  • Poor maintenance and customer service

We are here to translate these challenges into solutions for a new way of living informed by wellbeing, community and flexibility. By doing this, we will be shifting the standards of the rental market and redefining the way people can choose to live, work and play.

Our Story

B-Hive Living was born out of the aspirations of two entrepreneurs to radically shift the experience of shared living renters around the world.

They had both lived in shared accommodation in many cities and across different countries, and they often felt that the wellbeing and convenience of renters were an after-thought for developers and landlords.

With rising rental prices in most major cities at odds with the general quality of rental properties, home technology and the millennials’ desire for a more social and flexible way of living, they set the vision for their Hives.

Exceptional coliving spaces where purpose, design and technology come together to serve the wellbeing and convenience of a new generation who wishes to dare to live a more connected, purposeful and fulfilling life.

How We’re Different

We are driven by something else

Our business is built on love and purpose. We’re dreamers and self-starters who believe in relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our Hives are a reflection of this ethos. We are constantly striving to challenge convention by building shared living spaces that lift the wellbeing of our residents, are infused by a genuine sense of community and provide convenience and flexibility.

We’re passionate, playful and deeply invested in our craft. We love building Hives and because of this we apply the same care and attention as if we were building our own homes. This is what set us apart.

Our vision of coliving involves:

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    A well-being led approach

    Every aspect of our homes are designed with the personal and collective wellbeing of our community in mind.  We take inspiration in biophilia and other trends seeking to reconnect people with nature for creating healthy and productive spaces for our residents to play, live and work.

  • A new rental experience

    Just because it’s renting, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel at home.  We don’t compromise on space, attention-to-detail and style to create communal and private spaces that make you feel at home.

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    Ease of Lifestyle

    Ease of lifestyle for our residents is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we are constantly striving to employ technology and unique amenities/services able to give ease, flexibility and control back to our residents.

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    Strong Ethics

    Our ethos are firmly grounded on the conviction that it is possible to create a profitable enterprise whilst doing good and delivering a great service. That’s why we work hard to ensure our tenancy contracts are clear, flexible and ease to grasp with no hidden fees or surprises.

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