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What is Co-living

A new way of living built upon wellbeing, flexibility and community

Co-living or “community living” is a new take on an old idea. It has been inspired by the sharing-economy and a millennial generation that is always on the move.

Today many view renting as a lifestyle choice that allows for a more flexible, convenient and social way of living. While residents have their own private rooms and apartments, they share a range of communal spaces, facilities and services to create a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle.

By making new friends,  sharing life experiences and forming stronger bonds with the people around you, co-living provides the opportunity for something new each and every day.


After being disappointed by a few shared-living spaces, I’ve been blown away by the B-Hive Living experience. They’ve such a stringent vetting process and this really pays off since I really felt I had a lot in common with my Hive mates from day one.

Iva – Check Republic – Bally UK Senior Sales Manager


Living at the Hive has been an absolute joy. Being able to plug in into an awesome community of high caliber professionals has made my work placement in Oxfordshire much more fun sociable and fulfilling experience.

Alisha UK – Sweaty Betty Executive


The powerful mix of space, location and community make Hive Homes an easy choice. I recently moved here and landing into a friendly international community with everything you can possibly need has provided me with the perfect start for life in a new country.

Mátyás N. – Motorsport Engineer from Hungary


Beyond our Hive Home being always new, comfortable and super modern with digital locks and etc, the number one thing for me is being part of an international community of awesome people with a positive outlook on life. It’s priceless!

Gianna C. – Burberry Associate from Taiwan


The space and community at Hive Homes are pretty special. Being immersed in a positive multicultural community with tastefully designed surroundings and a convenient location has made a real difference to my everyday life.

Xabier – F1 Engineer from Spain

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