Our story

Both of us were born in cultures rooted in vibrant family and social life, celebrating living well through music, food, fitness and culture.

Those early experiences shaped our belief that a life well lived starts at home and the secret sauce is the people that surround you. It is by connecting with something larger than ourselves – a community – that we achieve our best life.

Fast forward, on moving to the UK, we faced the harsh reality of the rental market. At the time, 1 in 3 rented homes was deemed unfit for human habitation. Hidden costs, absent landlords, inflexible contracts and poorly maintained spaces were all part of a self-servient culture of disregard for the health, wellbeing and convenience of users.

Since people spend more than 90% of their lives in the built environment, we saw an opportunity to impact society by driving wellness through the rental market. B-Hive Living was created out of this ambition to proactively build homes, communities and shape experiences supporting the holistic health and wellbeing of a growing generation of renters.

Silvia & Williams


Our manifesto of living well

We are driven by something else

We are here to challenge the old convention of designing homes and rental spaces reinforcing lifestyles that make us sick, stressed, disconnected and unhappy. It’s time to treat our homes as an investment in our health and wellbeing.

We build nourishing shared living environments that foster connection and elevate the lifestyle and wellness of our residents.

We drive social change by constantly exploring and promoting the concept of living well and placing it at the heart of our coliving design.

We are passionate, playful and deeply invested in our vision. We work with an eclectic mix of designers, artists and craftspeople to transform our daring thoughts into reality following the four pillars of our live well concept.

Biophilic design

To relieve the tensions of modern life, we turn to nature for inspiration to design healthy and productive spaces for you to live, work and play.

From Me to We

Personal wellness is linked to the environment and people around us. We build spaces that foster connection and facilitate a harmonious and authentic way of sharing life.

Wellness-led experiences

We inspire healthy habits and a fulfilling lifestyle by providing a range of facilities and an engaging programme of social and wellness activities.

Strong ethics

We believe it is possible to create a profitable enterprise while doing good. We work hard to ensure our rental approach is transparent, flexible and easy to grasp.

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