10 amazing ways coliving will make your life better

Apr 28, 2021

Coliving has been enjoying increasing popularity among digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and other professionals for a reason. It’s more than a living arrangement. It’s a vibrant social lifestyle that taps into the need of freedom, sense of belonging, and more. It can truly be a life-changing experience. If you wonder if coliving is right for you, here are its greatest benefits to consider.

1. Coliving for a simpler, stress-free life

Renting no longer has to be a stressful experience. Forget the anxiety associated with sharing bills, looking for roommates, and arguments over cleaning the kitchen. Now you can apply through an easy form, move into a ready-made community, make one payment a month for rent covering all house services, and spend more time on the things you love. Whether you’re looking for a short-term arrangement or a home for longer, coliving is flexible enough to cater to all your needs.

2. With coliving you will live better for less

Coliving can save you money! Living alone has been increasingly unaffordable, especially for young adults. With all the perks included in your monthly rent, coliving has been found to generate savings of up to 40% compared to renting a traditional studio apartment. At B-Hive Living there will be no security deposits or broker fees. The home will be fully equipped, including guaranteed business-grade wifi. The mission of B-Hive Living is also making sure you truly live well. Read more about how we make it happen in our Hives.

“Having all costs in one simple monthly bill avoids any unexpected surprise at the end of each month and provides great value for money.” – Alice, Project Manager from UK

3. You will find your place in the world

With coliving you can fully embrace your digital nomad lifestyle. Whether you’re a planet-roaming remote worker, or wish to see the world and find a place to call home, coliving offers an incredible opportunity to find fulfilment. From exploring the Oxford pub scene to surfing on the beaches of Lisbon – coliving is a perfect choice for landing pad on moving to a new place. A like-minded international community will be ready to hang out and make you feel at home anywhere you go.

“Landing into a friendly international community with everything you can possibly need has provided me with the perfect start for life in a new country.” – Matyas, Motorsport Engineer from Hungary

4. You will belong to an exciting diverse coliving community

Loneliness is a hurdle experienced by too many people in the modern world. It’s especially difficult to make connections when you travel or move to a new place. Coliving homes are designed to encourage socialising, collaboration, and bonding, as well as privacy whenever you need it. You can be sure the community you live with shares you intentions, values, and interests while coming from various backgrounds and cultures so you can benefit from each other’s differences. It is not limited to any age group, and the vetting process discriminates against no one due to race, colour, age, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation or gender. A coliving home is a safe place.

“I really felt I had a lot in common with my Hive mates from day one and we spontaneously gelled as a strong community straightaway.” – Iva, Senior Sales Manager from the Czech Republic

5. You will make friends for life

A coliving community is where you can share experiences and ask for help. You will enjoy authentic connections and make homemade memories. Depending on the demographic makeup of the home, residents are likely to be going through similar life struggles or successes as you. You will be able to support others and be supported on a daily basis. Many residents form friendships that outlast and exceed the coliving rental experience. It can be the beginning of a shared lifetime adventure.

“My housemates quickly became like my second family. I was always warmly supported and had a great time together with them before and during the lockdowns.” – Eirini, Translator from Greece

6. Coliving provides for a better social life

Life at coliving offers a lot of opportunities for residents to socialise and interact with each other in and outside of the home. B-Hive Living provides you not only with an outgoing environment, but also a monthly calendar of social and wellness events that you can attend for free. Residents often organise dinners, movie nights, and excursions in their own scope, and you can be part of all that.

“During the Hive Monthly Socials I had the chance to connect, meet and be inspired by such a great network of people even beyond my Hive.” – Francois, Finance Manager from South Africa

7. You will enjoy better holistic wellbeing

Coliving works wonders for your mental health through keeping loneliness at bay and constant peer support. Residents also typically follow a healthy lifestyle, offering inspiration for more self-care. On top of that, B-Hive Living takes pride in elevating your lifestyle and wellness through home design aimed at creating a holistically nourishing environment. We believe a home should be more than just a roof over your head. In the Hives, your daily wellbeing is supported by the biophilic design of the interiors, strict community vetting process, and lifestyle advice from a dedicated wellness expert team.

“As life coach for B-Hive Living and beyond, I have the passion for building empowering, collaborative, positive communities.” – Steve Rodd, Life Coach at B-Hive Living

8. Coliving will empower you

While being all about community, coliving also supports individuality. It’s about sharing rather than consumption, and collaboration rather than competition. It attracts a certain type of personality: curious, open, and ready for change. The residents are hardworking professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and artists who all seek an environment where they can be empowered and inspired. Benefits from being part of it are instant and can be mind-blowing. At B-Hive Living, that effect is strengthened by consultations with a dedicated life coach!

“The number one thing for me is being part of an international community of awesome people with a positive outlook on life. It’s priceless!” – Giana, Burberry associate from Taiwan

9. You will develop a mindset of productivity

While the coliving concept is largely based on play, the homes are also set up for getting things done. With conditions for individual work as well as coworking spaces, you will share the passion for entrepreneurship, freelancing, creating new businesses, and pursuing dreams with other professionals. There is always a vast range of skills that can be traded among residents. You can be sure to find talented people to learn from – and to share your ideas with. Meeting inspiring people and forming potential partnerships can be an enriching professional experience.

10. You will learn to live sustainably and care for the environment

Inspired by the sharing economy, coliving encourages a sustainable lifestyle by making it easy to share resources. House rules help residents get the most out of their experience by bringing a sense of order and clarity. It will make you appreciate the values of sharing and being more environmentally friendly. Coliving is also a perfect way to live light: you can bring just the essentials to your new bedroom, saving your money for what really matters. Fans of the minimalist lifestyle find that coliving suits their needs perfectly.

Bottom line: you will nourish a more fulfilling lifestyle

Having the coliving experience will leave its long-lasting trace. Once you verify your expectations for daily lifestyle, you will keep seeking it in the future. Did you know 80% of your general health outcomes results from housing choices? Coliving with all its benefits is a trigger that will help you imagine your future home full of light and greenery, with amazing people around, and your future self smiling and fulfilled every day. That’s what it means to truly live well.

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