A Guide to Motorsport Valley’s most inspirational experiences

Oct 16, 2019

Welcome to the biggest hub of motor racing in the world: the Motorsport Valley. Also known as Silicon Fen, Motorsport Valley® refers to the cluster of firms based around Oxfordshire and the Midlands involved in supplying cutting-edge technology to Formula One, Formula E and many other motorsport sectors. They dominate the design and manufacture of components used in the majority of the world’s racing categories today.

The valley is also home to some of the world’s biggest and most recognised racing teams. It’s within the geography of this valley that science and technology take the forefront in pioneering the next big innovations in motorsports. The UK has won more Formula One titles than any other nation in history!

Itching for a taste of what the Motorsport Valley has to offer? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Here is a list of key unmissable motorsport experiences and events in the area and the UK.

1. Goodwood Members Meeting

Goodwood Motor Circuit, ~ Early-April

A weekend of thrilling racing and demonstrations from the finest historic and modern cars accompanied by a tremendous outdoor party with live music, stunning fireworks and a buzzing food market. More info here.

2. Formula 1 British GP

Silverstone, ~ Mid-July

Silverstone plays hosts every year to a race that’s the apex of all motorsports: Formula 1. The weekend also sees itself hosting the Formula 2 & Formula 3 races. More info here.

3. Hagerty’s Festival of the Unexceptional

Buckinghamshire, ~Mid-July

Hagerty’s Festival of the Unexceptional celebrates the cars that were the workhorses of their day: the base model saloons, hatchbacks and estates that were sold in their millions between roughly 1968 and 1989, and are now so rare. More Info.

4. Silverstone Classic 

Silverstone, ~Late-July

The weekend provides spectacular historic motor racing, free access to the paddocks and grandstands, displays from over 100 car clubs featuring more than 10,000 classic cars, plus interactive driving activities and dynamic demonstrations. More Info

5. MotoGP British Grand Prix 

Silverstone, ~Late August

Silverstone will play hosts to the British round of the MotoGP world championship in what promises to be an incredible 2019 season. The MotoGP race at Silverstone will be the pinnacle of two-wheel racing in the UK in 2019. More Info

6. FIA World Endurance Championship 

Silverstone, Dates vary every year

The 4 Hours of Silverstone is a great opportunity to witness the Spirit of Le Mans in the United Kingdom. Expect more cars, more racing, famous drivers and lots to see and do on and off track! More Info

7. Goodwood Revival 

Goodwood, ~Early September

Every September the Revival recreates the golden era of Goodwood Motor Circuit, between 1948 and 1966. This extraordinary event assembles the most significant racing cars and motorcycles along with legendary drivers and riders from the past and stars of today. More Info

8. Kop Hill Climb Festival 

Buckinghamshire, ~Mid-September

Kop Hill Climb Festival is your chance to get up close and personal with historic cars and bikes in action — admire their beauty and chat with their owners– the full experience. The event is set in a beautifully relaxed location with a real family friendly village atmosphere. More Info

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9. Regent Street Motor Show

London, ~Early November

The annual Regent Street Motor Show is a unique free-to-view London motor show, previewing the famous London to Brighton Veteran Car Run and the Veteran Car Concours d’Elegance. The event takes place on a traffic-free Regent Street from Piccadilly to Oxford Circus. More Info

Racing event at Motorsport Valley

Here are some of the ways you can get inspired on your visit to Motorsport Valley. 

1. Silverstone Driving Experience 

A track day at one of the world’s most legendary circuits in some of the world’s fastest cars would seem like any motorhead’s dream come true. It’s time to put on your racing suits because this dream can become a reality. More Info

2. Motorsport Valley Tour 

July 15th — 16th 2019

The tour gives you first hand access to the ultra-secretive world of Formula 1. The expertly-curated two-day event will give participants an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience with 3 leading Formula 1 teams — Red Bull Racing, Williams and McLaren. More Info

3. Track days and Racing experiences

There are several driving experiences that happen year-round within Motorsport Valley involving a wide range of cars and tracks to choose from. Here are some service providers that can arrange these thrilling experiences for you:
> https://www.virginexperiencedays.co.uk/driving
> https://www.trackdays.co.uk/driving-experience/
> https://thruxtonracing.co.uk/experiences

4. Sim Racing

The Race Hut located in Oxford features 16 state of the art triple-monitor racing simulators to help satisfy all your sim-racing needs! Various competitive events and experiences are also held on a regular basis to keep racing enthusiasts engaged. More Info


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