B-Hive Living wins as the best community-building company

Sep 26, 2023

Press Release

London, 26th September 2023

B-Hive Living wins the prestigious Coliving Awards 2023, earning the coveted User and Community Experience Category. The announcement was made at the Coliving Awards ceremony held in Amsterdam last Friday and attended by industry leaders and real estate companies from around the world.

Coliving, a revolutionary flexible housing concept, has gained immense popularity in the UK due to its emphasis on community building and resident interaction, and access to a variety of amenity spaces beyond the habitual scape.  

B-Hive Living,  who had already won the accolade of best community building company in the UK at the HMO Awards last year, has been at the forefront of this movement through its mission to elevate the wellbeing of its residents through purpose-built spaces, personalised community building methodologies and tech-enhanced approaches for facilitating resident interaction and engagement.

B-Hive spacious stylish shared spaces encourage socialising, making connections, as well as productive work. Technology is used to boost connections within the community and enable efficient communication and domotic.

B-Hive Living’s journey from a modest UK-based startup to an international industry leader is a testament to its endeavour to shift the standards of the residential living sector. Despite its humble beginnings in Bicester, Oxfordshire, B-Hive Living has boldly taken on the giants of the international real estate industry through its unique dedication to residents’ wellbeing and community building in a day and age when most rental companies and landlords are most concerned about profits and their bottom-line. 

B-Hive Living’s inspiring program of social and wellness activities aims to foster connections and enable a more fulfilling rental experience.

Leah Ziliak, Chief Judge of the Coliving Awards, praised B-Hive Living’s distinctive approach, stating: 

“B-Hive Living is one of the most impressive residential coliving spaces I’ve come across in terms of Customer Experience. One of the things that stands out is their personal approach in everything they do. From their Hive Ambassador program to the founder personally cooking a welcome meal they prioritise creating a warm and inclusive environment. Their stringent vetting process is impressive and their commitment to curating a community of like-minded people shows up with their high retention and occupancy rates. You rarely see an independently owned coliving space with a Head of Experience which shows how much they value the user experience. Their B-Hive Living Awards are unique and I love that they recognize and appreciate community members who go above and beyond. Their app ensures ease of use and seamless communication. Additionally, their OKR system designed to track engagement ensures that they stay focused on continuous improvement. The communal spaces are designed to encourage health and wellness. 73% of their members reported an increase in well-being from living there – a testament to the positive impact of their community”

Williams Johnson, CEO and Co-founder of B-Hive Living, said: ‘We are honoured to win this international accolade and be recognised for our community-building efforts. From the outset, our mission at B-Hive Living has been to build nourishing shared living environments able to foster meaningful connections among residents and elevate their lifestyle and wellbeing  We are consistent, intentional and innovative in the way we seek to deliver our community engagement strategies and it’s great to be recognised for  the impact we’ve on the lives of our residents and the broader communities where we operate.”

Williams Johnson Mota, CEO at B-Hive Living on the stage of the Coliving  Award Conference in Amsterdam in September 2023. 

B-Hive Living

B-Hive Living is a wellness-focused coliving brand operating properties in Oxford and Bicester, UK, and now expanding internationally. We drive social change by exploring and promoting the concept of living well. We place it at the heart of our coliving design for a more connected, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle for our residents.