B-Hive Living wins big at the HMO Awards 2024

Jun 5, 2024

B-Hive Living Celebrates Double Victory at HMO Awards 2024 Winning Best Community Experience Award and Manager of the Year – Tenants’ Choice Commendation

PRESS RELEASE London, June 2024 – B-Hive Living, the pioneering British brand known for its remarkable coliving spaces and rental experience, is thrilled to announce its exceptional achievement of winning both the HMO Best Community Experience Award and the Manager of the Year – Tenants’ Choice Commendation at the prestigious HMO Awards 2024 ceremony. 

These accolades reflect B-Hive Living’s unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, fostering vibrant and positive communities and providing an across-the-board exceptional housing experience, which is redefining the service standards in the UK rental sector.

B-Hive Living wins big at the HMO Awards 2024

Williams Johnson Mota collecting the Best Community Experience Award and the Manager of the Year- Tenants Choice Commendation from Helen Chorley at the HMO Awards 2024

Coliving is gaining momentum in the UK as the preferred housing solution for millennial and Generation Z professionals, who are now the largest demographic in the rental market. B-Hive Living’s wellness-led rental experience, community life, and tech-oriented services are highly appealing to this new generation of renters due to their exceptional quality, flexibility, and superior service compared to other traditional options.

B-Hive Living’s model is a step apart from the typical House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) offering, which we’ve seen over the years. The properties are specifically designed and built for shared-living and include a vast array of amenities and technologies like vetted tenants, dedicated app, social events, large green spaces, access to exclusive discounts and much more, making it a great fit for the lifestyle of this new generation of renters. 

As a result of that, the company has been previously recognized as the UK’s and world’s best in user and community living experiences and built a reputation for creating high-quality environments that foster positive communities, and elevate the quality of life, health, and holistic well-being of its residents.


Honoring Excellence in Community Building and HMO Management


The HMO Best Community Experience Award recognizes those who excel in creating thriving, welcoming communities and delivering outstanding customer experiences within their HMO portfolio. This accolade acknowledges B-Hive Living’s remarkable efforts in fostering a sense of community within its properties and extending this spirit to the wider network.

The HMO Manager of the Year – Tenants’ Choice Commendation honors managers who are highly regarded by their tenants, showcasing excellence in all aspects of HMO management. B-Hive Living’s application was supported by current and past tenants, highlighting the significant positive impact the company has made on their lives.


Celebrating Success and Commitment


Williams Johnson Mota, CEO & Co-Founder of B-Hive Living, accepted both awards from Helen Chorley at the HMO Awards ceremony in Stowe House in Buckinghamshire on May 31st, 2024. 

He expressed:  “Winning the Best Community Experience Award and receiving the HMO Manager of the Year – Tenants’ Choice Commendation is an incredible honor and a significant milestone for B-Hive Living. It’s always been our view that tenants have been too often overlooked in the UK rental sector and winning this accolade two years in a row is a testament to our unwavering efforts to place our tenant’s wellbeing at the heart of all we do and redefine the UK rental sector through our unique approach to housing and community living.”


Holistic Approach to Community Building and Resident Wellbeing


B-Hive Living has distinguished itself in the rental sector through its holistic approach to community building and resident wellbeing. By offering purpose-built spaces, personalized community engagement strategies, and tech-enhanced communication tools, the company has successfully created vibrant, supportive communities that enhance residents’ lifestyles and their well-being.

Both judges, Emma Stubbings and Leah Ziliak, praised B-Hive Living’s achievements, noting the company’s dedication to excellence in both management and community experience.

HMO Awards 2024

Williams Johnson Mota, CEO of B-Hive Living, shared at the HMO Award some of the key trends and strategies to stay ahead of the game and futureproof any HMO property business as well as key ingredients behind B-Hive Living’s customer experience success.


Continued Dedication to Addressing Housing Challenges


Since its inception in 2017, B-Hive Living has been dedicated to addressing the pressing issues in the UK’s private rented sector, particularly poor housing and service standards. By developing rental units that exceed national spatial standards and offering an unmatched range of amenities and services including green spaces, a rich calendar of social events and app for connection and service requests, the brand has significantly improved the living conditions and well-being of its residents.

HMO Awards 2024

B-Hive Living’s spacious shared spaces encourage socialising, making connections, and productive work. Technology is used to boost connections within the community and enable efficient communication


Continued Leadership and Expansion


As a multi-award-winning coliving company, B-Hive Living has previously been recognized as the UK Winner in Best Community Experience at the HMO Awards 2022 and won the global User and Community Experience category at the Coliving Awards 2023. These recent honors further solidify their position as a leader in the coliving sector. With ambitious plans to expand both domestically and internationally, the company is actively seeking private and institutional partners to bring its innovative coliving experience to a broader audience.

B-Hive Living

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