Hive Creators: Curtis Hilton

Nov 13, 2018

Part of our mission is to celebrate creativity, while building inspiring coliving homes able to deliver a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle for our communities.

Our Hives are the result of a plethora of collaborations with an eclectic mix of inquisitive artists, dreamers and crafts people in any number of fields — be they art, architecture, design or technology, which share our ethos.

In this Hive Creators series, we wish to give credit and access to the people behind the scenes whose gift and invaluable contributions make our Hive spaces what they are.


1. When did you do your first mural?

I must have painted my first mural in 2014, it was for a recruitment office in Portsmouth. I gained experience painting commercial and domestic murals and I had the pleasure of working alongside some of the country top artists creating work for in a variety of style for different clients.

2. What are some of your earliest artistic memories?

My memories go back to when I was a kid. I would spend hours copying cartoons from the Beano and Dandy comics. Do you remember them?

3. Can you describe what is like for you to be a professional graffiti artist?

Love it! Every job is different which is great in more than one way. Not only I get to go to different places and paint different things from week to week, but it also give me a chance to develop and experiment new ideas.

4. How has your art evolved throughout the years?

My work is evolving continuously. My technique and painting methods have evolved through experimentation and different mediums. The theme of my work has grown to be heavily influenced by nature and our connection to it.

5. What inspires and drives you to do what you do these days?

What inspires me is learning new things, meeting new people and going to different places. Anything botanical inspires me, nature is beautiful and I just want to paint it everyday! my paintings tend to be a mix of flowers merged with birds and other animals, their wings and bodies etc are intertwined with petals and leaves, like a sort of natural balance. However the current environment our world is in has also begun to seep and reflect in my work, with issues of plastic waste etc being highlighted.

6. What impact you expect your art to have on the lives of our Hive residents?

I hope the guys enjoy it! I hope my art will give them some colour and inspiration in the coming grey months and inspire their creativity.

7. What’s your biggest hope for the role of graffiti in art scene and society at large?

It’s refreshing to see graffiti as a global scene growing continuously, as well as becoming an accepted art form.
Public street-art projects are great for all generations, they stimulate and inspire communities.

8. What’s ahead?

To continue travelling with it, meet new people and share my work with them.
Bigger projects and bigger collaborations ! 🙂

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