Hive Creators: Daniel Pereira

Oct 12, 2018

Part of our mission is to celebrate creativity, while building inspiring coliving homes able to deliver a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle for our communities.

Our Hives are the result of a plethora of collaborations with an eclectic mix of inquisitive artists, dreamers and crafts people in any number of fields — be they art, architecture, design or technology, which share our ethos.

In this Hive Creators series, we wish to give credit and access to the people behind the scenes whose gift and invaluable contributions make our Hive spaces what they are.


  1. When did you do your first woodcraft?

My first woodcraft was when I was about 10 years old. I was on holiday at my uncle’s farm. He was building a ladder out of an old eucalyptus tree. I found it amazing and started to do my own mini version. In all fairness, it didn’t go that well and I gave up half way the project.


  1. What are some of your earliest memories of woodcraft? 

My first memories are not really of woodcraft, but of going to the forest with my dad and collecting firewood for our house. I would play in the woods wile my dad was collecting and cutting firewood. Nowadays, every time that I start cutting a piece of wood that memory always comes back.  Just like back then I feel as if its play time again.


  1. What made you decide to work with recycled wood?

I’ve started using reclaimed/ recycled wood because I truly believe that nature is very important to us and we should never not loose sight that wood is a limited resource.

Therefore, by using reclaimed wood, I hope to help nature by raising awareness of recycling and how important it is. I also wish to make a statement that reclaimed wood can be a better alternative as it can bring quality and history together.

  1. How has your woodcraft art evolved throughout the years?

Woodcraft is like any other art form. The more you create the easier it become for you to see artistic potential in any old piece of wood. In many ways, my art has evolved around the needs of my costumers and the freedom they gave me to bring my vision into those projects.

  1. What are your favourite type of wood and woodcraft to work with and why?

My favourite type of wood is walnut and my favourite woodcraft technique is carving. I love every aspect of it, from going out to look for a specific piece of wood to the carving itself. It gives you a chance to be fully involved with the wood and let your creativity work for you.

  1. What impact you expect your woodcraft to have on the lives of our Hive residents?

I would like to believe that by creating something that it’s both beautiful and functional from reclaimed materials improve the lives of Hive residents. My goal is not only to bridge the gap between quality and comfort, but also to let people sense the history and possibilities with reclaimed material.

  1. What inspires and drives you to do what you do these days?

What drives and inspires me the most in doing this work is the satisfaction it brings me. When you love something and you are lucky enough to do it, you just want to do it whenever you have a chance. It becomes second nature and things just flow from there.

  1. What’s ahead?

Well, I’m not sure yet.  It has been a very interesting adventure so far and it looks like more excitement lies ahead. Growing the business and personally is for sure my main goals. As a woodcrafter and artist there is no limit to what’s possible while the flame to create still burns inside you. So only the future will tell.  The only certainty is that fun times creating my art is guaranteed.