How to boost immunity during lockdown

Apr 9, 2021

Your health comes from the inside. It always has, and it always will. It’s therefore surprising that most strategies to deal with Covid-19 seem to miss the big picture of strengthening your immune system from the inside. There are two basic scientifically proven ways to boost immunity on a daily basis. By getting regular moderate exercise and nurturing your diet, you give yourself a head start in fighting illness and home fatigue.

Get regular moderate* exercise

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Moderate exercise strengthens your immune response, while excessive exercise weakens it. Take a 30 minute brisk walk or bicycle ride, play a sports game, work in your yard, do yoga or pilates.

Boost immunity through your diet

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Nutrition is directly linked to your immune system. It supplies the building blocks your body needs to function at peak performance. Drink an extra 2 glasses of water per day (on top of what you already drink). Replace white grains with whole grains. Eat one more fruit and one more vegetable per day, and go for a handful of nuts as a snack. Read more about how to gain control of your eating habits under lockdown here.

Power hack:  Low vitamin D results in poor regulation of your adaptive immune system. Get a healthy extra dose of vitamin D by eating more fish, eggs, and mushrooms.

Taking general good care of your daily wellbeing is a big part of the process. Look through other lifestyle articles on our blog for much more inspiration to help you boost immunity and live well.

Our wellness tips are intended to supplement rather than replace advice from a qualified health care professional. It’s always recommended that you consult a qualified health care professional before embarking on any treatment or training.

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