How to cohabit and work together in lockdown

Apr 9, 2021

As the coronavirus lockdown wears on, we’re having to spend more time than ever with our housemates. While being socially connected is a great benefit of coliving, working out how to cohabit and work from home all at the same time can be a challenge for the community. It requires adjustment and planning to work. Here it’s our best tips on how to get along.

1. Create a shared calendar with your housemates

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Create a shared calendar where everyone in your household can enter their working hours, key commitments and break times. It really comes down to bringing coordination to the next level.

2. Apply hot-desking rules

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Landgrabs for the best spot in communal spaces is just natural. Taking turns using the best spots as makeshift desks through the shared calendar is a great solution.

3. Share house chores

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Instead of all housemates cooking, cleaning and tidying up, aim to play to each other’s strengths and habits and share house chores accordingly. Delegating shopping is also key to limit the community’s exposure to the virus.

4. Come together for fitness and fresh air

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Regular exercise together is great of supporting each other to keep physically and mentally fit during lockdown, while ensuring you continue to bond, plan, and remain connected as a community.

Power hack: Enduring such stressful times together can either make or break a community. So, be extra thoughtful and complimentary by taking every chance to praise your housemates and ask if they’d like you to make them a coffee whenever you’re making one.

Keeping our communities safe and healthy is always our priority. Read more about how we do it in our Hives here.

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