Meet your Hivemate: Andrea – Pilates studio owner in Oxford

Jul 20, 2022

Get an insider glimpse of our Hive community and their lifestyles. Meet your actual potential Hivemate and let them show you around. Join in on the coliving adventure at one of our Hive Homes. Practice Pilates with Andrea at her Oxford Pilates studio.

Your Hivemate Andrea and the B-Hive Living experience

Hi. I am Andrea. I am from Hungary. I’m a tamed rebel. I left home and moved to the Uk when I was 18 to be free, to be independent, to challenge myself, to build a life, explore life…  I’m a fighter and a survivor.

I’m not gonna lie, the first couple of years in the UK was hell on earth. I wasn’t lucky with the experiences I had at the beginning. Despite the difficult start I worked hard, stayed focused and saved up enough money to go to university. I worked throughout University as a Pilates instructor and when I finished, I ended up with my own business, a Pilates studio in Oxford. 

I have travelled quite a bit and since I like sunshine, being by the sea/water and those warm summer evenings I am always on the lookout for winter escape. 

As a wellness expert, what do you make of the B-Hive living well concept and its mission to empower residents to lead a more connected and healthy lifestyle? 

I do believe that without health we would not be able to reach our full potential. Physical exercise, healthy diet and social connections have been linked to longevity as well as a more fulfilled life. The living well concept at B-Hive supports the tenants in a way that we can not only ‘live’ here but thrive here. 

“The living well concept at B-Hive supports the tenants in a way that we can not only ‘live’ here but thrive here.”


How would you describe the experience of B-Hive co-living as opposed to other types of accommodation you previously experienced? How does your B-Hive home and rental experience compare and contrast to other previous letting experiences? 

I have lived in many accommodations previously from student hall to shared living with friends as well as living by myself.

I really like the balance B-Hive living can offer. I can have privacy when I want but be social when I need company. Having a nice room with an ensuite bathroom offers the privacy I need while having great social areas in the house such as the fire pit in the garden gives the opportunity to bond with other housemates. 

What is your favourite part of your Hive home and why? 

The hammock is definitely my favourite feature right now. When the sun is out you’ll find me there. But in the winter I love spending time in the kitchen/dining area. It is the most social part of the house and I like chatting to other Hivers after work. 

How has your lifestyle been influenced by living in a Hive coliving community? 

I have a much better work life balance now compared to when I lived by myself. We regularly bake cakes together, we have BBQs, social activities, I am now learning to play the guitar and the piano etc. We enjoy skill sharing in our house and we inspire each other which for me makes B-Hive an ideal place to live. 

“We enjoy skill sharing in our house and we inspire each other which for me makes B-Hive an ideal place to live.”


What’s the most unexpected thing you found out about yourself or co-living while being there?

As much as I wanted to be ‘independent’ as a teenager I am now realising how much I enjoy the company of others. There was a time when the ideal setup for me was to live by myself. I did it for a while  …until I burnt out as my life became consumed by work. 

Now I live in a community where we support each other. I find it nice not to have to come home to an empty flat even if it comes with obvious sacrifices such as sometimes finding someone’s dirty dishes in the sink.   …which seems only a very small price to pay for all the fun that we have together as a house.  

Would you recommend B-Hive Living to a friend? Why?

Yes, definitely. In fact, I have recommended it to many of my friends. I think it’s the perfect place for a young professional who likes good quality accommodation as well as social interactions. I get enough privacy as well since I have a lovely room with an ensuite bathroom. When I am feeling tired or have more work I can have some quiet time in my room. However spending time with others is also an option when I am wanting company. 

I haven’t been to many monthly social events with the other houses yet (mostly because of timings) but they are also great opportunities for making connections with people as well as taking part in fun activities. 

About Andrea’s Pilates Practice  

What sparked your initial enthusiasm for Pilates?

I did a Sports Therapy diploma course many-many years ago in Reading, UK. My tutor was a huge Pilates enthusiast and was running a mat Pilates course the following year. She talked me into doing it. Since then I have done a lot more courses as well as specialised in Pilates for rehabilitation and have even become a mentor for one of the biggest Pilates schools internationally. 

What inspired you to start a pilates studio business in Oxford? 

In short: I studied at Brookes (Exercise and Health BSc, Neurological Rehabilitation MSc) and I just stayed. I was qualified to teach on the Pilates equipment so I asked the only Pilates Studio with the equipment in Oxford if I could teach there. The owner of the studio was retiring at that time so I ended up taking on the whole business. 

What is it about your Pilates training that makes your studio unique?

Other than my Pilates and many other fitness certificates I also have a BSc in Exercise and Health as well as MSc in Neurological Rehabilitation.

There are now a few more equipment studios in and around Oxford. Many of the teachers I trained/mentored. I specialised in Pilates for rehabilitation and I work closely with Physiotherapists and Osteopaths.

Can you tell us your favourite Pilates exercise and why you like doing it?

That’s a tough one. I guess my favourite exercise depends on what my body needs that day. 

But it reminds me of a saying/joke in the Pilates community that we sometimes tease each other with. It goes like: ‘I’m just here for the feet in straps.’ Feet in straps is an exercise on the reformer (equipment). It is a great stretch & strength exercise and it is the favourite of many people. 

What’s the most expected thing most people often find about themselves after trying pilates? 

It is a type of exercise that leaves you feeling energised rather than drained or exhausted. Even after the first session you would usually feel some positive changes in your posture and overall well being. 

What do you find most rewarding about your pilates work?

Making people feel good in their bodies.

Do you have any daily rituals to optimise your health and well-being to share with our readers? 

I look after my teeth & gums. That also includes not having much sugar in my diet, staying hydrated, avoiding too much coffee etc. 

It is more than just about a nice smile or the ability to enjoy chewing my food with a full set of teeth. A lot of cardiovascular and chronic inflammatory diseases start in the mouth. It’s been linked with many conditions from depression to heart attack. 

I have come across some pretty awful cases such as a young girl losing all her hair because of a bad tooth. (She did grow her hair back once the tooth problem was dealt with.)

The bottom line is, if there is one daily ritual which you cannot miss in order to maintain overall health of the body is brushing your teeth twice a day (Or as I learnt it back in nursery: ideally 20-30 minutes after every meal.)

Look after your teeth! You’ll do more for your health with that than you might think. 

Check out Andrea’s Pilates practice in Oxford and join for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

B-Hive Living

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