My Hivemates are my family away from home – interview with Gianna

Oct 12, 2018

Our Hivers are an eclectic bunch of awesome individuals from all walks of life and corners of the globe. They are open-minded professionals, entrepreneurs and digital nomads who share a lust for living well. To give you a little more insight on who your actual potential Hivemates are, we interviewed one of our residents – Gianna.

Hi, My name is Gianna, and Yi Ching Li is my Chinese name. I come from Taiwan, Taipei. My study major was Hospitality, but I now work in fashion retail. My passion is baking and cooking. I love sharing food while socialising with other people.

2. Before joining us, had you lived in a shared-living space before and what made you choose coliving/our Hives as your home?

Before joining B-Hive Living, I had shared a house with a family in New Zealand when I was in high school. But, it was a very different context. At B-Hive, I share our Hive with other professionals from around the world. From the outset, I’ve loved how different cultures and people came together under one roof and often shared their stories and traditions including cooking around the table. That’s why I chose and love the Hive concept.

3. How would you describe coliving as opposed to other types of accommodation you previously experienced?

I would say Hives are particularly suitable to young professionals. But, the main thing in coliving for me is the opportunity to be part of an international community of awesome people with a positive outlook on life.  It has been priceless!

4. What is your favourite part of your Hive home and why?

I love our spacious kitchen and how our cutlery is so neat and complete. You can tell I love cooking, right! But, most of all, I can’t get enough of our conservatory, which is where I enjoy my breakfast under the sun everyday and surrounded by nature. It’s so peaceful and reminds me of back home.

5. In your Hive space you are more…

Coffee or Tea?

I would say Coffee.

Quiet housemate or social animal?

It depends, sometimes I love to talk but if I am too tired after work I’ll surely be the quiet one.

More at your room or a particular common area?

If there is more people at home I love socialising in the common areas.

6. How would describe your “Hivemates” and what difference did they make to your life?

My Hivemates are all very nice, polite and smart.  But, above all, I love the fact that they all have a positive outlook on life. We are both housemates and friends since we all deeply respect each other. They’ve always made me feel very comfortable around them so my Hive really felt like home.

7. What’s the most unexpected thing you found about yourself or coliving being in a Hive?

I think it’s caring and sharing. It’s like living with friends but my Hivemates have been more than that. They’ve been a family to me – particularly since I am living abroad away from friends and family. That’s why every time I come back from traveling I like to bring them treats!

8. Would you recommend B-Hive Living to a friend? Why?

Yes, I would. Our Hive is both comfortable and stylish. Everyone has their own private bathroom and the B-Hive team is super nice and organised.

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