The comfort of a home you call your own – Resident opinion

Nov 18, 2022

In the current times of uncertainty and huge loss of symbols of stability in society, we do crave the comfort of a home we call our own. The passion of B-Hive Living is to provide our Residents with the comfort of that very feeling – of daily wellbeing.

The comforts of the Hives of B-Hive Living are yours as long as you stay there. And when you decide to purchase a property for life, we hope for you to keep a memory that one of the Residents in that situation shared with us. And for your new home to reflect the care for your personal wellness, and the elevated lifestyle you led with us.

“I’d like to thank you all for the amount of work you have put into making all of us in the house feel so welcome and a part of a community, particularly during the last couple of years through lockdowns when anxieties were high for all of us. I have made close friends living as a part of the B-Hive and have really cherished living with such a fantastic crowd of individuals from such diverse backgrounds. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across what is easily the highest quality and most enjoyable accommodation within Bicester. Your hard efforts don’t go unnoticed.

Wishing you all the very best with B-Hive, what you are all building is unique and brilliant.”

B-Hive Living

B-Hive Living is a wellness-focused coliving brand operating properties in Oxford and Bicester, UK, and now expanding internationally. We drive social change by exploring and promoting the concept of living well. We place it at the heart of our coliving design for a more connected, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle for our residents.