Top 10 fun things to do outside in Oxfordshire post-covid

Sep 3, 2021

Oxfordshire is an exceptional place. It features cosmopolitan city life right next to most beautiful extensive countryside with lots of water bodies. It’s sheer pleasure to explore both on foot and by bicycle. On top of that, you get to enjoy all the adventure of the Motorsport Valley – the biggest hub of motor racing in the world! And there’s more right at your doorstep, whether you choose to join us in Bicester or Oxford! Keep reading for our selection of fun things to do outdoors in Oxfordshire after lifting the lockdown. We hope to get you more excited as you go, just like we are!

10. Take a wildlife walk with a bird whisperer

If you enjoy the outdoors, love wildlife, and are possibly interested in photography, one of fun things to do is a bird watching walk with GG Wildlife Walks along the stunning River Thames, via the corn fields, wildflower meadows, and coppiced woodlands of Oxfordshire and over its picturesque summits. On the way, you will observe and hear an array of birdlife from warblers to raptors, goldcrest to kingfishers. There is also a possibility to attend wildlife photography adventures and workshops in really stunning locations across the region.

9. Be a falconer for a day

With Millets Falconry in Abingdon (right outside Oxford) you can be a falconer for a day! You spend it one-on-one with an experienced falconer giving you all the inside knowledge and hands-on appreciation of birds of prey and the art of flying them. You will be taken through the many aspects of falconry, with the opportunity to fly, handle, feed and work with more birds of prey in one day than you could possibly imagine. That’s a fun thing to do and a skill that will impress your friends! And at the end of the day, you can adopt your favourite bird by making a donation for wildlife conservation.

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8. Walk with purpose

Good for the Sole is an energetic, fun and friendly community of Oxfordshire walkers who love the outdoors. They promote mental and physical health through exploring the countryside right on your doorstep. They often have a pub stop, and offer an incredible community feel, with a diverse range of walkers. These guys will get you walking, talking, and finding out what the countryside has to offer, all that with a good dose of sense of humour and a sense of belonging.

7. Cycle

Bicycles are synonymous with Oxford. It’s the most efficient and pleasurable way to move around Oxford, and explore the stunning countryside. On your move to Oxford it’s handy to learn all about cycling in the city from the website of the Oxford City Council. If you join us in Bicester, here‘s a collection of great routes around the city. You will also find a complete guide to fun things to do and places to go cycling throughout Oxfordshire, including routes, events, clubs and advice, here.

The Radcliffe Camera in Oxford
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6. Get on the set of Harry Potter

We know you want to! Some parts of the Harry Potter films were shot in Oxford. It truly is one of the UK’s most beautiful and magical cities. This self-guided tour will take you through all the magnificent places that are featured in the movies, from the Christ Church Great Hall (Hogwart’s dining hall) to the Divinity School (Hogwart’s Infirmary), and give you an opportunity to see muggles dash around the pitch at the Oxford University’s Quidditch Club.

5. Get together for seriously good food

Get your friends together and head to the pedestrianised Dawson Street off Cowley Road to have a comfortable seat in between Cafe Coco and Kazbar, combining Mediterranean food with a piazza-like vibe. Indulge in Cafe Coco’s brunch-style menu of pizzas, burgers, salads and fresh juice. Follow with Kazbar’s tapas menu, cocktails, beer and wine. Spend a wonderful day in the sun chatting and people watching, as if the pandemic never happened.

4. Enjoy water sports

SUP is a trendy watersport that encourages enjoying the outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s one of the fun things to do outdoors that support mental health and general wellbeing. It combines a sporting activity with the relaxing environment of time spent with friends on water. Oxford SUP Club will not only teach you the skill, but it will allow for a good dose of social paddling with a like-minded community.

If you’re yearning for a little more adrenaline, Hardwick Parks is here for you to take you on a water skiing, wakeboarding or wakesurfing adventure.

Image: Oxford SUP Club

3. Learn trapeze flying

Hungry for more excitement? How about the flying trapeze? Yes, you heard it right! High Fly Trapeze is a flying trapeze school in Oxford. It is open to the public and to those looking for unique, fun things to do. No previous experience needed. Come and flip and fly through the air, challenging yourself in a supportive, safe environment. It’s an all inclusive, adrenaline fueled experience like no other.

2. Absolute must: the motor experience

Take the advantage of living in the hub of UK’s motors ports, and go crazy driving cars you never thought you would: rally cars, racing cars, military vehicles, or cars from your favourite movies. All that is available right at your doorstep in Bicester!

You will find great rally driving courses and rally driving experiences at the London Rally School. SWB Motorsport give you the chance to drive genuine, modern racing cars, from a fleet of Turbocharged EcoBoost Formula Fords to Formula Renaults. They also have a large selection of military vehicles that you can drive and passenger in, such as a tank, fire engines, amphibious load carriers, 4×4 Army lorries, and Landrovers.

Car Chase Heroes offer the thrill of choosing from a fleet of iconic movie and classic American Muscle cars to blast around the track. From Optimus Prime, to Mustang GT350, to Aston Martin, you have lots of movie heroes on tap there. A good selection of classic cars is also offered by U-Drive Cars.

Image: Car Chase Heroes

1. Learn to fly

The Motorsport Valley is not just cars! There’s more – after taking to the racing track, you can spend time actually learning to fly!

For the wonderful experience of gliding at hand, contact the Oxford Gliding Club, operating both in Oxford and Bicester.

Air Experiences will teach you to fly vintage airplanes and make your head spin with acrobatic flights over Oxford and Bicester.

If you happen to be even more of a adrenaline junkie, go for skydiving with Skydiving London, just outside Reading near Oxford. They will really make your day.

Image: Air Experiences

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