Is coliving better than living on your own – interview with Dieter

Jul 31, 2019

Our Hivers are an eclectic bunch of awesome individuals from all walks of life and corners of the globe. They are open-minded professionals, entrepreneurs and digital nomads who share a lust for living well. To give you a little more insight on who your actual potential roommates are, we interviewed one of our residents – Dieter.

Hi all, my name is Dieter, and I am 20 years old, I am a Belgian and I came to England to complete part of my training to become a pilot. To go back in my past, I started my high school studies in Industrial Engineering, followed by Mechanical Engineering, and ended up studying and graduating in Aircraft Engineering. For this last part of my studies I did an internship with the Belgian Air Force. I worked on several aircrafts, e.g. F-16, Embraer 145, Falcon 900 and C-130’s. My hobby is martial arts, I have been doing this for over 8 years and it is a nice way to let go of all the daily stresses and to focus on something completely different. Next to studying in Belgium, I have had training in the United States as well, in the second stage of my flight training.

Have you lived in a shared-living space before? What made you choose coliving/our Hives as your home?

This is my first experience living in a coliving space and it’s certainly very different (especially compared to living on your own!) and has many positive aspects. Here at the Hive I have been living with other Residents with completely different backgrounds, which makes the experience very interesting. You get to know each other, you grow in your social skills, you learn how to live and adapt to each other overtime and develop a kind of routine in the house. We communicate well and everybody is happy, that is the kind of atmosphere you want in a coliving space.

How would you describe coliving as opposed to other types of accommodation you previously experienced?

Living on your own, at the end of the day, makes you feel quite lonely and isolated. At the end of a long day you arrive at home and there is not much excitement beyond catching up on social media, TV or some tech-entertainment on your own. While the experience in coliving is way more pleasant, because there will always be someone to talk to and share your experience with. Cooking together with your roommates, watching a movie or simply catch up in the garden or in one of the common areas of the Hive never makes you feel lonely. It’s definitely an antidote to loneliness!

What is favourite part of your Hive home and why?

My favourite part of the Hive is the ability to meet new people and to share your stories and experiences with them. Since everybody is different there is so much to learn about each other. Differences in age, nationality, profession, interests… enrich your day to day living, and each individual story brings a different dynamic to living together and the story of each Hive community.

In your Hive space you are more…

  • Coffee or Tea? Coffee, as I am awake very early very often, coffee is my friend.
  • Quiet roommate or social animal? Mix of both, when I have big tests and assignments to do, I will be in my room for hours, but once that is done, you can find me downstairs with all the rest of us, either to cook together or just to talk and have fun.
  • More at your room or a particular common area? I am more in the common areas, since it is more open and it is nice decorated.

How would describe your roommates? What difference did they make to your life?

I would describe them as open persons who work hard to achieve what they want in life. This is a very motivating aspect for me personally, to do my best each day and continue to develop myself to all possibilities in life. In addition my roommates are concerned about what I do and will always be there when you need something.

What’s the most unexpected thing you discovered about yourself or coliving being in a Hive?

The most unexpected thing for me is how my social skills has evolved since living with my Hive roommates. Due to the high workload at the Oxford Aviation Academy I spend all my time training and there is not much time left for friends, but since I have been living in a coliving environment, being social becomes part of your daily routine, and that is something I did not expect to happen but that I truly enjoy.

Would you recommend B-Hive Living to a friend? Why?

If you like to be around people without compromising the privacy of your own space, B-Hive Living is something I certainly recommend. In addition, you can be sure that each room is well equipped with all you need, not just your own private room but each communal space of the house.


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