The top 5 unique co living spaces in the UK

Oct 1, 2021

Our approach to work and life has been more and more flexible. We already got used to the omnipresent coworking spaces that cater to the population on the move – remote workers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs. It’s only natural that co living spaces are the next big thing to happen. It is happening, and people love it!

Co living spaces have one thing in common – they are more than just a home. They offer a lifestyle, a social network and opportunities to connect with others in today’s isolating urban environments. It’s done by combining private living spaces with communal living facilities such as shared kitchens and common areas. As the industry grows, however, co-living spaces become more and more diverse. And many of them are likely to perfectly tune in with your personal needs. To give you a gist of the array of coliving possibilities and an opportunity to decide what would work best for you, we selected a few examples that stand out in the UK’s market.

The Collective (London) – world’s largest coliving space

The Collective is a global coliving brand. Each building offers its own personality and flare. It’s latest London site, Canary Wharf, is now the largest coliving building in the world! That is an experience you might want to have. The building stands at 21 storeys high with 705 rooms, offering short- and long-term stays. From panoramic skyline views of London to fine dining, to pool, gym and sauna, as well as a Masterchef-style kitchen, surround-sound cinema and VR golf, members can live a truly luxurious lifestyle.

In addition to luxurious accommodation, the Collective places emphasis on creating welcoming communities. Members can therefore socialise and feel a sense of belonging and connection.

The Collective also gives back to the local community. Its non-profit The Collective Foundation offers accelerator programmes that support entrepreneurs and innovators building their businesses. Their Collective Grants programme also funds and supports local charities, community groups and individuals who want to drive change in their local area.

Images: the Collective

B-Hive Living (Oxfordshire) – fulfilling lifestyle in Motorsport Valley

B-Hive Living is currently based in Oxfordshire. The brand bets on elevating the lifestyle of their residents through implementing the original concept of living well developed since 2016. It aims at continuous improvement of home living and daily wellbeing within the rental experience. It shows in the design, build and management of the vibrant co living spaces called Hives.

From comfortable ensuite bedrooms to bright communal spaces, everything here is designed to make you feel good. Biophilic and upcycling design is married with a good dose of modern technology. And each Hive features a large communal garden.

The international Hive communities are mostly made up of entrepreneurs. They go through a vetting process that results in genuine connections between residents. The properties are managed with focus on wellness and social experiences. They include consultations with life and health coaches, and a monthly social calendar involving residents as well as the local community and more.

On top of all that, the location of the Hives in the Motorsport Valley offers easy access to motorsport events, aviation training and luxury outlet shopping. It combines slow life with cosmopolitan flair.

Ensuite bedroom at B-Hive Living
Sunny dining room at B-Hive Living
B-Hive Living outdoor social area with a firepit
Images: B-Hive Living

Vonder (London) – private luxury apartments

Vonder is a global brand that offers coliving rental apartments for digital nomads and young professionals across London. Described as the ‘ideal one-stop-shop living solution’, the apartments are fully furnished and all inclusive.

Vonder is not a traditional coliving brand. Their living spaces are independent, and do not offer shared facilities such as kitchens or bathrooms. The brand’s emphasis, however, is on connecting people from around the world through unique social experiences. Vonder aims at creating a community-led way of life for their members. They do this by offering high-quality communal facilities such as fitness studios, co-working cafes and yoga rooms. They also run events like networking talks and art exhibitions.

Images: Vonder

Noiascape (London) – multi-purpose architectural design

Noiascape was created by architects Tom and James Teatum. It features spaces designed as a ‘city in a building’, with small unique homes interconnected with open spaces facilitating social time. They include a co-working lounge that doubles as an events space, a spacious kitchen and dining room, a laundry and a staircase that functions as a communal library.

Noisascape uses interesting minimalist materials (birch plywood furniture and metal, concrete) and bold colours. Custom-made multipurpose furniture encourages tenants to embrace their time at home. It also maximises work-from-home productivity. It also gives a clear identity to the interiors. Moreover, it allows the brand to work with the emerging talent of young British makers.

Residents of Noiascape are typically looking for an attractive place to live, but not a forever home. They usually come to London for a specific period of three to twelve months, to work or learn. As a nenant, you can engage with the larger community of modern urban renters of all ages through events across the Noiascape network. You can also contribute to the local community in a concept Naiascape calls “hyper-local”.

Images: Noiascape

Startuphome – coliving for entrepreneurs

Startuphome offers coliving for entrepreneurs and freelancers. The concept is based on the belief that gathering passionate people in the same place is the formula for innovation. A big part of their mission is open innovation, talent exchange and job creation. Their typical guests are entrepreneurs and startups, journalists and bloggers, and freelancers and designers.

Startuphome vets a community of young international talent that tend to be early adopters active on social media. Therefore, it creates an opportunity for testing new products from a number of companies by the residents, who then provide focused feedback and promotion. This results in an edgy environment not only up to date with technology, but reaching into its future.

Images: Startuphome

Bonus: Marmalade Lane (Cambridge) – multigenerational cohousing community

Marmalade Lane in Cambridge is a unique cohousing project that makes sure you know and form a community with your neighbours. They have energy-efficient, architect-designed modern homes and apartments for sale as well as for rent. All residents benefit from extensive shared facilities and a large shared garden.

It’s a multigenerational community. The residents of Marmalade Lane come from all ages and walks of life. They include families with young children, retired couples and young professionals. There are many nationalities in the community. The residents include both longstanding Cambridge residents and those who have moved from elsewhere to join the community.

Images: Marmalade Lane

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B-Hive Living
B-Hive Living is a wellness-focused coliving brand operating properties in Oxford and Bicester, UK. We drive social change by exploring and promoting the concept of living well. We place it at the heart of our coliving design for a more connected, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle of our residents.