Covid-19 policy

The Hive is your home, and it should be a place you feel safe. These are unprecedented times and since the beginning of the pandemic we have been very rigorous in putting in place health and safety measures to protect our community. 

Although these have been hard times for us all, our awesome Hive community  has put us in a very strong position to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and we cannot thank them enough for their good will, positivity and resilience. Here are some measures we’ve taken to keep our Hive community strong and B-Hive Living a safe place to be. 

Virtual viewings

All bookings for viewings can now be done virtually via a video call with our community managers. They’ll tell you everything you need to know. In person viewings are undertaken in strict accordance with national lockdown measures and best practice including temperature checks and the use of masks.

New member onboarding

Each and every new Hiver has to submit a Covid-19 self declaration form before joining the community disclosing their travel history and any potential exposure to the virus to help us safeguard the safety of members.

Stringent cleaning and hygiene protocols

We’ve made our cleaning procedures more rigorous and regular and issued new hygiene and safety procedures for our employees and contractors to safeguard the health of the whole community.

Health & safety ambassadors

We’ve appointed Health & Safety ambassadors in each Hive to keep the communication open and frequent in relation to each community and to help us act promptly on any infection alert or support request any community may have.


Given the uncertainty of the current situation, many people may not feel comfortable signing long leases. We offer flexible contracts starting from 1 month to ensure your peace of mind in case your personal circumstances change.

Support for mental & physical wellbeing

To support our residents in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and boosting their resilience, we’ve introduced several virtual social and wellbeing events including new mindfulness and home fitness practices during lockdowns. We’ve also invested in extra home fitness equipment  for all premises and provided weekly wellbeing hacks to help residents deal with home fatigue and leverage these times to boost health and resilience. 

Home working & self-Isolation

We’ve worked with our team and residents to provide enhanced conditions for home working and self-isolation. Self-isolation kits are available in case any member gets infected or is required to self-isolate.

We’d like to thank again all our members for their continued patience, support and can-do attitude they have always shown throughout these unprecedented days.

Hive wellness hacks

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